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Keepin’ It Simple with Sinnara

The Haven is our  safe-place of serenity and refuge. It is a place were embarrassment, fear, nervousness, and worry are NO welcomed, but, peace and tranquility are. The haven will break the myth has also caused us to live a lie. You know that saying, 

"never let them see you sweat"

all while running on fumes and falling apart at the seams. We will educate, empower and equip each other. Iron sharpens iron. So, ladies I welcome you to The Haven for God's amazing princesses of the king that you all are.

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Love Letters From Christ Ministries

God's love is an everlasting love. He show's his love in different ways that are personal to his children. 

Shaleè, one of my spiritual daughter's  is a vessel that God uses to write his children personal letters.  

How beautiful is it to know that God takes his time to write out a personal handwritten letter anointed with his pure love just for you?

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